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Nystatin was developed by two scientists working as researchers in the New York Department of Health. They named Nystatin in honour to their office and in honour to the state New-York STATe-IN.

Nystatin is made by fermentation. Nystatin is a polygene antifungal drug and the appearance of Nystatin is a yellow or slightly brownish powder.

Nystatin is hygroscopic as well. Nystatin is often used as prophylaxis in patients who are at risk for fungal infections and as treatment Nystatin is given in form of tablets, drops, capsules and ointments.

Pharma Greven offers Nystatin only from WHO and FDA approved origin.

All Nystatin manufacturers Pharma Greven is working with have EU GMP for their product.

The production plants for Nystatin are regularly inspected from EU authorities.

This means Pharma Greven has the possibility to supply Nystatin in the highest quality and security for the use in the pharmaceutical industry.

The quality of our Nystatin fulfils the demand according to § 72 of the pharmaceutical law.

Pharma Greven mainly supplies Nystatin from stock and even "Micronised Nystatine" according to customers request can be delivered.

Pharma Greven is well known as a supplier for Nystatin already for many years. You are invited to submit us your inquiries for Nystatin.

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